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225 Anderlecht Songs & Football Chants

Football team playing in the Belgian First Division A, Belgium

1060 Mauves Army's Having a Party After each victory it's party time Playlist
1364 Anderlecht Go, Go, Go (Allez, Allez, Allez) Royal Sporting Club Anderlecht zijn afkomstig uit Brussel en zijn België's meest succesvolle voetbalclub met 5 eerdere Europese titels Playlist
1758 We Love You Sporting We do! Playlist
2061 Allez Standard, Allez Standard, Allez Standard de Liège was losing the title to us so we taunted them a bit Playlist
2454 Wo Wo Wo Good rythm on this one! Playlist
2757 Who Doesn't Jump Isn't from Brussells Anderlecht fans jumping up and down Playlist
3151 Axel Witsel Is a... Playlist
3454 Too weak... for Anderlecht For every player who leaves us for one of the arch enemies FCB or Standard de Merde. At this moment it's Tom de Sutter (FCB) and Jelle Van Damme (RSCL) Playlist
3532 We Are Saint Guidon Saint Guidon is the Metro station in Anderlecht Playlist
5756 Lucas Biglia from Argentina 5ft 9 super star Playlist
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8700 Going Crazy We gonna win... Playlist
9003 Allez Allez Ohooo Just is what it is...Great fans celebrating their great team Playlist
9397 We Shall Not Be Moved We're the O-side boys! Playlist
9679 Anderlecht, Anderlecht Here we go Playlist
9700 Aaaaaanderlecht A little bit as the Come On You Mauves from north to south but now just with the name of the team... Taken from the South tribune; a file where you can hear both sides clear would be awesome Playlist
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Respect voor de club! BramSTVV St. Truiden Sun 15 May '16  · Re: Triumphal March - Anderlecht  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
Geniaal hoe op dezelfde liederen zo'n verschil zit.
'Al wie nie springt is FCB', bij Anderlecht met zo'n zwaar accent op 'spriengt'.

Gantoise K.A.A. Gent Thu 20 Jun '13  · Re: Lucas Biglia From Argentina  ·  Flag  ·  Reply
coz maggie thatchers dead
coz maggie thatchers dead
were settin of PYRO
were settin of PYRO
were settin of PYROOOOOOOOOO
coz maggie thatchers dead!!!

NoPyro NoParty
Shaunp305 Thu 11 Apr '13  · Re: We're Gonna Win The Final  ·  Flag  ·  Reply

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