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Royal Antwerp Classic football songs

Football club playing in the Belgian First Division B, Belgium

1349 Over Land and Sea We all follow the Antwerp! Playlist
1656 Hand in Hand, Comrades One of the classics song (of our friends Feyenoord) Playlist
2416 We Are from the Antwerp We sing and drink the whole day! Playlist
4073 Stand Up for the Antwerp Boys Stand up if you are a Antwerp lad Playlist
4374 Come On You Reds (Chaotic) Most chaotic COYR you will ever hear Playlist
5080 Jews! They call us jew so that's we singing "Joden"! Playlist
5840 Great Old Will Never Die We all know the Antwerp till we die Playlist
6052 Goal Song Our song when our team scores a goal Playlist
6531 A Bottle of Whiskey The Antwerp supporters are fine! Playlist
6799 Antwerp! Pushing our team forward Playlist
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6819 Just Give Us A Goal NEW Sung when the supporters want a goal, obviously. Playlist
8346 Farmers Not Welcome We hate farmers Playlist
8591 We're No Rats, We're Coming Back Indeed Playlist
8597 Come on You Reds (Fast) COYR! Playlist
12015 We Love the Great Old We are the only team from Antwerp Playlist
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