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Total 61 Royal Antwerp football chants submitted by unbelievable

1936 You'll Never Walk Alone The YNWA @ the derby against Beerschot Playlist
2613 Victory Parade RAFC! Playlist
3649 Let's Go Mental Antwerp fans after winning a game Playlist
4272 Antwerp You Are for Me Our city's anthem by The Strangers Playlist
5356 Always Look on the Bright Side of Life Sung when we smash our opponents Playlist
6536 Oh Royal Antwerp One of Royal Antwerp's famous songs Playlist
6654 Who Doesn't Jump Jump when you are not a supporter of our city rivals Playlist
6809 Hand in Hand, Comrades One of the classics song (of our friends Feyenoord) Playlist
7158 Come on Cheer the Boys We go wild wild wild! Song inspired by Quiet Riot/Slade Playlist
7386 And It's Royal Antwerp Antwerp Classic song, sung in English Playlist
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7436 Farmers Eat Kale Sung to Lierse, Brugge, Roeselare ... Playlist
7464 Jews! They call us jew so that's we singing "Joden"! Playlist
7724 Patrick Vanoppen Singing about the manager of our rivals Beerschot. Playlist
7946 Nananana Antwerp Tune is by The Beatles - Hey Jude (in case you didn't know!) Playlist
8271 We Love the Great Old We are the only team from Antwerp Playlist
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