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Total 61 Royal Antwerp football chants submitted by unbelievable

41 We're No Rats, We're Coming Back Indeed Playlist
369 Let's Go Mental Antwerp fans after winning a game Playlist
433 Over Land and Sea We all follow the Antwerp! Playlist
494 Sit and Shut Up To the opposite supporters who make a little bit noise Playlist
740 We Hate Beerschot We are Beerschot haters! Playlist
1131 We Hate Bruges To our rivals of FC Bruges Playlist
1143 Patrick Vanoppen Singing about the manager of our rivals Beerschot. Playlist
1501 We Are from the Antwerp We sing and drink the whole day! Playlist
1554 Who Doesn't Jump Jump when you are not a supporter of our city rivals Playlist
2897 Royal Antwerp No1 Lyrics not supplied. If you know them please add them to the comments below and we will add Playlist
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3160 Stand Up for the Antwerp Boys Stand up if you are a Antwerp lad Playlist
4109 Antwârpe 2 De Groenplaats, De Meir, De Keyserlei, ... Antwerpen is van ons
4160 We Love the Great Old We are the only team from Antwerp Playlist
4228 We Are All Waving We are all waving to Beerschot (Kiel is the hometown of Beerschot) Playlist
4926 Great Old Will Never Die We all know the Antwerp till we die Playlist
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